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Easy Bounce KBar API

Easy Bounce Pro comes with build-in KBar support, which means that if you execute Easy Bounce always with a particular combination of settings, you can like that to a button of KBar (or let any other scripts remote execute Easy Bounce functions).


To create a custom KBar button, go to the KBar Settings, click on "Add Button" and choose as button type "Run JSX/JSXBIN File".

In the dialog that opens, choose the Easy Bounce script (EasyBounce.jsxbin) as file to execute. By default, the button will now launch Easy Bounce Pro and show its user interface. If you want the button to execute EasyBounce immediately with a particular set of options, enter at Script function or argument in KBar the following code:

gravity: 50,
addSquash: true,
squashAmount : 50,
squashDuration : 50,
squashChaos : 0,
subframeAccuracy: false,
workAreaOnly: false,
preserveApexX: false,

The parameters correspond directly to the ones you have in the user interface. For parameters like gravity, which have a slider in the user interface, you can set a value between 0 and 100. For parameters like addSquash, which have a checkbox in the user interface, you can set the value to true or false.


  • Execute Easy Bounce with default options: applyBounce({})
  • Execute Easy Bounce with gravity set to 20 and without adding squash: applyBounce({gravity: 20, addSquash: false})
  • Execute Easy Bounce only to the workarea applyBounce({workAreaOnly: true})