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Auto Scale Random

With this expression, you can move layers randomly away from the camera (or towards it) while simultaneously scaling them, so that from the perspective of the camera they look unchanged.

This is useful, for example, if you have many text layers and want them to look as if they are all on the same plane in 3D space with the same size. If you turn the camera, however, you notice that some of them are very close and small, while others are far away and much bigger.

If you want to control for each layer exactly how much it is shifted, you can use the "Auto Scale" expression instead.

  • Reference Frame

    The frame at which the layers should look as if their position has not been shifted at all.

  • Min Offset

    The minimum amount that a layer can be moved away from the camera (use a negative value to allow moving towards the camera)

  • Max Offset

    The maximum amount that a layer may be moved away from the camera (use a negative value to only allow moving towards the camera)

  • Offset Multiplier

    For a value of 20, each layer moves 20 times as far as determined by "Min Offset" and "Max Offset"; for 0, all layers remmainat their original position. Animate this value to move the layers further away or back to their original position.

  • Camera
    Use Camera

    Determines whether the iExpression should use the active camera or the camera given in the next parameter

    Custom Cam Name

    Name of the camera that should be used when 'Use Camera' is set to 'custom'.

  • Randomness
    Random Seed

    Change this number arbitrarily to get another random shift in the layers. For each number you enter, a different random value is generated.

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