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Text from/to Spreadsheet

These tools allow you to export the texts of text layers (and also Essential Properties) of the After Effects project to a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be opened with applications like Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Open Office or Apple Numbers. The import script also allows you to replace texts based on a spreadsheet.

Export Text to Spreadsheet

Export After Effects Texts to a Spreadsheet

The Export Texts to Spreadsheet tool creates a spreadsheet file with all texts of the active comp and all its precomps. Just run this tool, and in the "Save File" dialog that pops up, enter a filename with the file extension ".csv" or ".xml".

The spreadsheet will include all the source texts of text layers, as well as text properties in the Essential Properties of a layer.

Spreadsheet File Types

If you enter a file name with the file extension .csv, a "Comma Separated Value" file is created. This format is supported by all spreadsheet applications and we recommend using it. If you want to use Microsoft Excel, you can alternatively use the file extension .xml. In that case, the tool will create an Excel XML file. But since Excel also supports csv files, .csv is usually the best option.


The tool also does not process keyframes on the source texts.

Import Text from Spreadsheet

With the Import Texts from Spreadsheet tool, you can replace texts in After Effects with the help of a spreadsheet. This is useful, for example, if you want to translate projects into different languages.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. export the texts with the Export Texts to Spreadsheet tool
  2. add the texts, by which the original texts should be replaced in the second column of the spreadsheet
  3. import the new texts with the Import Texts from Spreadsheet tool
Replace Texts in After Effects Script by a Spreadsheet

See also


If you're looking for a dedicated tool to export and import texts, which is not part of Automation Blocks, Text2Spreadsheet is a very powerful alternative.

Spreadsheet Comps

If you want to replace not only texts, but also footage, colors and more based on spreadsheet data, the Spreadsheet Comps scripts are a good option.