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Increment at Marker 1D

With this iExpression the property is automatically increased (or decreased) by some fixed amount at each marker. In addition, you can overwrite this behavior at individual markers using the marker comments. If a marker has "-5" as comment, for example, the value is decreased by 5 at this particular marker. With a comment "5s" or "20 frames" also the fade in duration for this marker can be changed to 5 seconds or 20 frames, respectively.

  • Increment at Marker

    How much the value should increment at each marker (if the marker has no comment specifying a different value).

  • Frame Offset

    for -2, the modification already starts 2 frames before each marker.

  • Marker Source
    Use Markers from

    whether the iExpression should use the markers of the layer where it is applied to, the composition markers, or the markers from another layer

    Other Layer (Name or Index)

    is the name or index of the layer whose marksers should be considered (if "Use Markers from" is set to "other layer").

  • Fade In
    Fade In Duration

    determines the number of frames over which the change at each marker is faded in.

    Fade Type

    determines whether the change at the markers fades in in a linear or exponential fashion.

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How to create a countdown text that changes at each marker?


This was a question we got from a customer. With iExpressions, the answer is surprisingly easy:

  1. create a slider control on some null layer
  2. set the slider to the start value you want to have
  3. apply the Increment At Marker 1D iExpression to the slider. If you want to count up, leave the values at default, if you want to count down, set the "increment at marker" value of the expression to -1 before applying it.
  4. link the text to the slider value with an expression (just using the pick-whip)
  5. add markers to the null layer (not to the comp or any other layers). At each marker the number will change, depending on the value you've set at "increment at marker" (i.e. do a +1 or -1, for example)