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Separate Smoother 3D

This iExpression is a variant of the Basic Smoother iExpression which is dedicated to 3D properties and allows to control the smoothing in x, y, and z dimension separately.

  • Width

    determines the amount of smoothness. The larger the width, the more smooth is the result - a value of 2 means, for example, that the values within a window of 2 seconds are taken into consideration to smooth each value.

  • Samples

    determines the accuracy of the smoothing. The more samples the more accurate is the result. For optimal quality it is recommendet to use a value that is 25 or up to 50 times larger than the value of "Width".

  • Dimensions
    Smooth X

    turns smoothing for X dimension on and off

    Smooth Y

    turns smoothing for Y dimension on and off

    Smooth Z

    turns smoothing for Z dimension on and off

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