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Throw 2D/3D

With these iExpressions you can literally throw a layer such that it flies through the air and realistically bounces off the ground and optionally also walls.

Using this iExpression is very easy: Just keyframe the movement of the layer and after the last keyframe the simulation starts automatically. Hence, the throw direction and speed depends on the movement at the last keyframe. To get the desired movement you only need to adjust the height of the ground from which the layer bounces. You can also adjust the elasticity with which the layer bounces of the ground and the gravity with which the layer is attracted by the ground. In the variants of this expression with walls, you also need to specify the location of those walls and how elastic it bounces at those walls.

In total there are four Throw iExpressions: A variant with walls and without for both 2D and 3D layers, respectively.


Throw 2D, Trail and Elastic expressions have been used for this animation

For this animation we combined

Instead of linking the trail expression directly to the logo, we linked it to a null layer with the same position as the logo, but no rotation. That way the trails follow the position, but not the rotation. We also applied the Basic Wiggle iExpression to this null to wiggle the speed lines a bit.

Bouncing Text in After Effects with expressions

Here we used the Throw 2D iExpression to drop the "Heavy" text on the ground and the Throw 2D with Walls to throw the "Light" text. For the heavy text, we lowered the Elastic Bounce parameter from the default of 50% to only 20% such that the object feels as if it has more weight.

We also converted the texts to shapes and applied the Elastic Path iExpression to deform the texts based on their movement.

For the entire animation we just needed three keyframes! One for the start location of the heavy text and two for throwing the light text. All other movement and deformation is entirely derived from those three keyframes by the expressions.

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