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Distribute Text to Layers

This iExpression offers a simple possibility to distribute a text to several layers. Each single layer can contain one or several letters, words or lines of the original text.

  • First Layer (Name or Index)

    the name or index of the first of the layers to which the text is distributed

  • Source Layer (Name or Index)

    the name or index of the text layer that contains the text which should be distributed (leave empty to use the text of the layer itself - this also makes the iExpression faster)

  • Split Into

    whether each layer contains one letter, one word, or one line of the text

  • Advanced
    Layer Order

    in which order the letters are distributed to the layers

    Letters/Words/Lines per Layer

    How many letters/words/lines are on the same layer.

    Identical Copies

    for 3, always three successive layers obtain the same text

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