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News Ticker

This iExpression makes the source text of a text layer scroll through the screen from left to right (or right to left). If the text consists of more than one row, each row is interpreted as a separate news and between the news a customizable separator text can be inserted.

  • Separator

    is a string that is inserted between the different lines of the original text (i.e. the different news messages).

  • Speed

    determines how fast the text moves. A value of 10 means every minute 10 new letters become visible. For negative values the text moves from left to right otherwise it moves from right to left.

  • Length

    How long the visible text should be (number of characters). To make the entire text visible, you can also set the length to 0.

  • Offset

    allows to start the news ticker not with the beginning of the first news message but at any position in the text.

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